Nir Barkat 2013

Political Campaign - Jerusalem (Israel)

‪In 2013, I had the honour and pleasure to work again with the Barkat Team and lead the Creative Team, (together with my partner in crime Avi Heltovsky) to another very successful and tight campaign.‬

‪Jerusalem was quite happy with their Major in the past cadence, Barkat created more jobs opportunities and worked hard to attract more young people to the city and young startups. ‬

‪As for the campaign message and creative we just wanted to show he kept his promises and will continue to work for the interest of Jerusalem citizens. ‬
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‪Main Slogan of the campaign was: Jerusalem. Today. Tomorrow. Always. ‬

‪The logo of the campaign was made by two arrows pointing forward and up, blu and orange. ‬

‪For the campaign Brand colours we decided to use the blue and white (Israeli flag) together with some orange, as it was the main colour used by the opposition party in Jerusalem. ‬
‪A psychological attempt, if you will, to appeal to some of those “undecided” voters.‬

‪Mayor Nir Barkat defeated the candidate Moshe Leon, by garnering 51 percent of the vote, while Leon won only 45 percent.‬


  • Creative Director