Fima is an exclusive diamond manufacturer and wholesaler based in Tel-aviv and Antwerp, providing Jewelers and Designers with unique diamonds.
Fima it’s a family business and the name Fima is the name of Din Konig(CEO) grandfather.
Fima specialise in two main diamond kinds: Vintage and Super Modern.
Both very rare and unique.

I created their new identity brand concept with a brand new logo, stationery, packaging designs and web design.

The concept of the logo was to combine old and new, vintage and modern, so I decided to create an emblem, very exclusive sign, composed by an F created from 2 kinds of very old and the second very modern to reflect exactly what the business does.

I was very happy with the result and proposed a concept for the website to convey the idea of exclusiveness.
Diamonds are like rare pieces of art. timeless and forever.

Still under construction.