Dovratya is Pharmaceutical company with one mission, create the most natural and safe to use line of products out there.
They are a family business that choose homeopathy as a way of life. They produce several quality products such as a Naturopathic Shampoo named “Cleana” (registered patent), a treatment against lice for children. Cleana is clearing children’s heads from lice worldwide, while they’re unique family continues to develop a variety of quality products that are both natural & effective.

I was reached by the owners and asked to create a new brand reflecting their principal concepts and hand-crafted a logo and brand identity, together with a custom made website and product design.
The logo itself is quite complex, but still simple to view. It tells the story of the family business, their main belief of natural and healing revolution. The tree represent “berashit”, the first tree, the secret of life, from where everything was born. The roots form the shape of a heart.
Brand colours are gold, white and black.


  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Packaging
  • Web Design